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3 R & D strength Build high quality inverters

12 years of experience, independent brand, Pu Guang new energy operating all over the world

  • Strong R&D team

    Zhejiang Province science and technology SME certificate has a number of patents

    The wireless external screen remote control technology independently developed has reached the advanced level of the industry

  • Sound production system

    Has a number of production lines, strict implementation of effective and reliable production management standards

    Products through a number of certifications, or domestic and foreign certification

  • Customized according to user needs

    According to the different needs of users, support small batch OEM labeling.

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Why choose Pu Guang New energy?


  • Patent certification

    Won a number of national patent technology

  • Tailor made

    More than 3,000 enterprises witnessed it

  • Quality assurance

    Have various product certification certificates

  • Service guarantee

    Provide you with one-stop service

Service fuwu

24 hours + service, improve pre-sale, sale, after-sales
  • Free installation guide
  • Assist in machine debugging
  • Support trade-in
  • 5 years long warranty


Excellent quality, quality guaranteed!
Direct supply from R&D and production manufacturers

Comprehensively improve product quality, ensure that products have excellent quality, ecological and energy saving at the same time more stable and reliable, all products are provided by the manufacturer's original goods, so that you save money!


Dedicated to provide you with a more suitable inverter
Pilot pioneer, comprehensive products

Continuous development and innovation of more superior products, of which the independent external screen remote control technology is favored by domestic and foreign users, diversified products, more choices, cost rationalization.

Offer youhui

We have more manufacturers preferential prices
To a greater extent to benefit customers!

Enjoy a more favorable purchase price by the original factory, so we can provide similar products in the domestic market at the same price, better quality products, the same quality, our price is better.

Support small batch development customization

All products support OEM OEM, flexible and convenient

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